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About Us

 AK GROUP OF INDUSTRIESWas founded  Mr. Muhammad  Ali in 2006 with his dedication commitment, reliability and customer  Service-oriented  approach,   has made  a  ground to  explore  our  International Market.  More  than  35 Years  of  his  experience  in  Leather  Market  gives  AK GROUP OF INDUSTRIES an edge to produce better & better products for our Clients.

AK  GROUP  OF INDUSTRIES  is  producing  Branded  &  non-branded  SPORTS PRODUCTS especially  Sailing Gloves,  Cycling Gloves,  Dressing Gloves,  Weightlifting  Gloves,  Police Gloves,  Skydiving Gloves,  Motorbike Gloves,  Safety  Working Gloves,  Military Garments. AK GROUP  OF INDUSTRIES  have  own  Leather  Tannery  &  Stitching  Units  facilitate  to maintain best standard & Quality of our Products.The finest & well known branded material are  used in all  phases of  manufacturing  to ensure  AK GROUP OF INDUSTRIES  Products Quality  to  meet the standards of excellence.  AK GROUP OF INDUSTRIES product feature industry-leading quality & performance in all ranges coupled with vision of fair Price & swift Delivery. In abreast of new realities of dynamic environment, AK GROUP OF INDUSTRIES is proactive  &  receptive to new technologies & latest Systems of LEAN-CONCEPTS are being adopted for prime target of customer’s satisfaction with our service.


AK - LWJ - 1001
AK - CS - 1003
AK - CJ - 1009
AK - MBS - 1002
AK - SKS - 1013
AK - MBG - 1001
AK - CP - 1007
AK - UNF - 1001
AK - DG - 1001
AK - SG - 1005
AK - MCG - 1001
AK - SG - 1016
AK - CG - 1007
AK - WG - 1009
AK - UNF - 1003
AK - SKS - 1018
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